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Tutorial : Basic Settings That Need To Be Known By Bloggers

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For a blog, is one of the important settings to determine how to display, and related treatment with the blog.  Among the matters relating to the setting of a blog is the blog's title, is a number of entries, one can comment, and other which will be described below.
The display for setting up of a blog is as follows. 
Setting Asas Yang Perlu Diketahui Oleh Blogger
For this entry, includes basic settings, formatting, and publishing. This is because three things can be considered the most important settings for a blog. Some basic settings that need to be known by a blogger is as follows. 
Title: Title will be shown at the top of the browser as an open blog.Description: In relation to what the content of a blog.  Can be up to 500 characters.  Example blog tutorial, tutorial blog in Malay, and other tutorials for all relevant.  If it is almost a personal blog can be ignored or put just like my life, this is my story and others.
Setting Asas Yang Perlu Diketahui Oleh Blogger

Show: number of entries for the cover. not too much. Usually between 5 and 10 to speed up loading the entire blog. 
Date header format: Less important, can choose where they feel appropriate. 
Archive index date format: The format will be shown for what is typed in a blog within a month 
Time stamp format: Less important, can choose where they feel appropriate. 
Time zone: It is important to confirm the position for the time is right. If the country located in Malaysia, please select (GMT +8.00) Kuala Lumpur. Where are other places that are supposed to be selected. 

Setting Asas Yang Perlu Diketahui Oleh Blogger

Comments: Show - If there are visitors who have sent comments, your comments will appear under the entry. 
Who can comment: This depends on the blog owner. If you choose anyone, anyone can comment. If you select a registered user, the only people who have a blog / id else can comment. 
Comment form placement: Position the comment section for an entry. Habits blogger will choose either a pop-up window or embedded below post. However, not all templates can use the embeded below post. 
Setting Asas Yang Perlu Diketahui Oleh Blogger
Comment moderation: Depending on the blog. If visitors want to comment directly displayed, select never. But if you want comments from the visitors 'managed' by the former owner of the blog, select always. 
Show word verification for comment: Choose No.  Because of the presence of word verification will usually troublesome visitors.  Except for certain case if too much spam (in this case is rare Malaysia) 
Setting for a blog may be changed at any time in accordance with the requirements of the blog owner. 
However, it is important to try to keep the setting made for fun as well as visitors to the blog owner. 
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Terima Kasih Daun keladi... Saya dah kongsi-kongsi.. Rajin-Rajin lah U all baca sendiri... (",)

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Tutorial : Letak Gambar Dalam Entry

Morning all .. saya nak kongsi-kongsi dengan u all cara untuk post picture dalam entry k..kepada yang baru berjinak-jinak dengan dunia blog ni..jom..rajin-rajin lah baca k...

Putting pictures in an entry in a blog to 'boost' the contents of an entry.   Normally the image is placed in connection with a typed entry and is a regular visitor of a blog like to read a blog entry that also has a piece of the picture though .. 

Tutorial to upload pictures in the blog are as follows .. tengok betul-betul ote... (",)

1.Login as usual, click on 'new post' 

cara letak gambar Dalam Blog

2.view, click on the picture upload icon as shown below. Different position of the 'html' and 'compose' but the symbol remains the same. 
cara letak gambar Dalam Blog

cara letak gambar Dalam Blog

3.Click 'browse'. 
cara letak gambar Dalam Blog the picture you want to put it on your computer. 
cara letak gambar Dalam Blog

4.1. If you want to put more than one photo at a time (maximum 5), click on 'add more images. 
cara letak gambar Dalam Blog the position and size you want for the picture, then click 'upload'. 
cara letak gambar Dalam Blog

6. Wait until ready to upload the image and click 'done'
cara letak gambar Dalam Blog

Note: If you want to upload more than 5 files, just repeat the steps 1 to 5. 

Selamat Mencuba!!

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